3 Challenges With Moving Your Office To A New Location

Are you moving to a new office space in the near future? If so, the move can be quite disruptive to your business. Moving a business is nothing like moving to a new home, so it brings some unique challenges with it. Here are some of the challenges you'll run into when moving offices.

Creating An Inventory

Office space doesn't make as much common sense as rooms in a home. For a home, you can generally assume where things go based on the room they came from. The bathroom items will go back into the bathroom, and the kitchen items will go back into the kitchen. Items in your different are completely different, and your new office may not even be set up with similar rooms.

Moving an office requires having an inventory to ensure that you can find everything at your new place. It means meticulously labeling what items go into boxes and even creating a spreadsheet that is searchable. The inventory also helps ensure that everything arrives at your new place since you can check off numbered boxes and not have to dig around to see what is inside.

Thankfully, this is a service that an office moving company can provide to you.

Scheduling Elevator Access Time

If your office is located in a bigger building, it is important to make sure that you schedule access to the freight elevator. Some buildings may require an elevator operator to be running the elevator for the duration of the move, while others need to simply unlock access to the elevator and the loading dock. The last thing you want to happen on your moving day is to have your moving company standing around while you try to figure out who you need to call to open the elevator.

Setting Up Temporary Workspaces

Chances are high that you will not have everything unpacked right away at your new place, but you need to get your employees back to work as soon as possible to not lose out on potential revenue. You need to think about what your employees need for a temporary workspace at your new office location. This includes having the essentials up and running on the first day in the office and planning the nonessential items that can be set up at a later date.

Reach out to an office moving company for help dealing with the challenges of moving your business.

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